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Visiting Lincoln's Old Orphanage

Today we visited the orphanage that Lincoln lived in until he was almost 2 years old when we adopted him! It was such a special and profound day for us. The moment that we stood outside of the orphanage gate, which is also where Lincoln was found as a baby, brought tears to my eyes.

So many emotions from today but we are overwhelmed with gratitude for our precious son and for how well the staff there has loved Lincoln as well as all of the children there. We were able to spend time with his previous teachers and therapist as well as some of the children that he used to play with and it was just beautiful but honestly so difficult as well. Lincoln was excited and playful a lot of the time but also seems a bit unsure at other times and I know he was probably feeling mixed emotions as well! So while we're grateful for this day and the opportunity to meet these wonderful people, it is such a reminder of how children belong in families. Every child deserves to be in a loving family where they can thrive and blossom.❤️❤️

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