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A Vulnerable Post on Anxiety

Stephen took this picture of me when we visited the beach in Lincoln’s hometown and it makes me smile. I rarely take photos of just me and there’s a reason for that. Many of you might not know that for years I’ve struggled with anxiety and self-doubt. It’s not something I’ve talked much about because it’s been such a long journey of growth and trying to heal from things of my past.

Honestly, as an introvert it can be hard to open up and let people in, especially when you’ve been wounded or traumatized in the past. Being on YouTube has been an incredible journey for me because in many ways it has helped me to let people “see” me more when for so long I wanted to stay in the shadows. It’s been overwhelmingly profound to see the love y’all have poured over our family when for so long I’ve honestly wrestled with feelings of not being good enough, or interesting enough, not extroverted enough, or pretty enough, not worthy of love enough.

My journey lately has been a beautiful one of recognizing how to accept who God has made me to be and that He thinks I am beautiful just the way he has knit me together. It doesn’t matter when others don’t understand or appreciate me and even betray me because I know that I am understood and loved by the one who created everything. I know he is grieved when I let those lies have a place in my heart because he cherishes me as his daughter that he made in his own image. I smile when I look at this picture of me on such a peaceful and happy day because it’s a reminder of the freedom and joy I have in Christ and that I am forever loved by him.

So if you struggle with anxiety or feelings of self-doubt, know that you are loved and cherished just the way you are. God did not make mistakes when he made you. You are beautiful and loved. ❤️

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