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Seeing the Great Wall & Reese's Sweet 16!

Happy “Sweet 16” to our beautiful daughter, Kinsey Reese! When I think about the gift she is to our family and the joy it is to be her mom it brings me to tears. She put us on the path of parenthood and forever changed our lives. She is a blessing in more ways than I can count!

Reese has always been such a bright and intuitive girl and so wise beyond her years. I treasure our deep conversations about faith and navigating life as well as all of our crazy goofy moments that leave us laughing so hard that our stomachs ache. She’s said on more than one occasion, “If people only knew how weird we really are...” 😂😂

I’m so proud of you, Reese, and so thankful to be your mom!! So glad that we get to be celebrating your 16th birthday in Beijing!!! Sightseeing and shopping makes for such a fun day! 😍

We visited the Great Wall this afternoon and it was such a treat! Penelope and Lincoln had never been before so it was extra special getting to take them along. The weather was perfect and I'm so glad that we had this opportunity as a family to make such special memories. ❤️❤️

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