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Recovering From Surgery

Lincoln has the best daddy out there! Stephen just left for the airport after helping us settle back at the hotel and we miss him so much already. I'm grateful for the way Stephen loves on our kids- for this past week with him here in CA and knowing how much our other kiddos will cherish having him home for the next 2 weeks while we complete everything here. He is such a wonderful father and husband and we are so thankful for him. ❤️❤️

We enjoyed such a beautiful evening with my mom! So glad to have her here after Stephen headed home yesterday. We walked across the street from our hotel and enjoyed dinner on the patio at CPK. Lincoln has been doing well and the swelling seems to be settling a bit! ❤️ Since we’re staying at the Ronald McDonald house, it seemed only fitting to get a picture with Ronald. ☺️

We had a fun day today walking around Palo Alto and exploring the shops. We found the coolest Italian market and picked up some super yummy almond flour cookies and European chocolate milk for tonight. Yum! The Italian woman handing out samples said she made the cookies herself and we had the sweetest chat about both Italy and also Lincoln. She said a blessing over him that was so touching. ❤️

We have a follow-up MRI in two days and then Lincoln's second (and final) surgery is the following day. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement! ❤️

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