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Lincoln's 2nd Brain Surgery

Lincoln had an MRI the day before his 2nd surgery which went very well. So thankful for how kind all of the nurses and doctors here have been with him. They let me hold his hand as he drifted off to sleep. The next morning, he went back with the team to the operating room. He is the bravest boy I know but it doesn’t get easier to see him leave. We had about 7 hours to wait which was so hard. I just kept reminding myself of God’s sustaining grace over us. We went to see him when he was out of surgery in the PICU. Poor baby was awake and in a lot of pain when we got there but they gave him some meds which helped him stay sleeping. Dr Steinberg said this surgery was more complicated than the first because this was the side where his major stroke had happened so there was more damage to work through but he said he is pleased with the results. Thank you everyone for the prayers and well wishes. They are so very appreciated. 

We started to see some sweet smiles from our Lincoln boy the next morning after a rough night. He’s been in quite a bit more pain this time around and his nurses have been working hard to keep him comfortable. We had a bit of a scare early the second day when he yanked on his arterial line and was bleeding, since arteries can bleed quite significantly in a short period of time, but after that was fixed and he was given some more pain meds, he calmed down quite a bit and then sat up and started babbling and smiling. My heart hurts so much to see him struggling but I am so in awe of what a warrior he is. Love my precious boy more than words and so thankful to see his sweet smile again.

The next day, Lincoln got to be out of his crib and he was so happy that we just snuggled and napped for several hours in the recliner. 😍 He ended up having another rough night the next day and ended up having a fever as well. My mom stayed with him so I could go back to our room to rest and get a shower. They said that if his fever did not return they would let him be discharged that evening. We were SO EXCITED when he was discharged from the hospital!!! Lincoln kept giggling and laughing as we left the building! We grabbed some of our favorite food and enjoyed the beautiful walk back to the hotel. We have one final check up on Thursday and then fly home on Friday! So thankful to be nearing the end. 😍😭

Corresponding vlog:

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