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Lincoln's 1st Brain Surgery

Lincoln went back with the anesthesiology team after about an hour of prep work. We had a few minutes, just the three of us, to sing with him and pray over him before they took him to the operating room. Such an emotional moment watching them take him away. 😭

We got to see him in the PICU about 7-8 hours later and he was doing well! His doctor said that everything went very smoothly and he is hopeful for a great outcome. We spent one night in intensive care and are so proud of our brave little guy. He started to swell some and they said it will be considerably swollen over the next couple of days but looks scarier than it is.

The day after surgery, Lincoln was able to get out of his crib a bit to sit with mommy. The sweet staff brought him musical toys and he has been so happy dancing to the music. His appetite has come back and we are making good progress all around! We were able to move out of PICU and spend the night in a regular room. ❤️

The next day he was discharged! Lincoln is doing so well that they are letting us spend the next few days back at our hotel (Ronald McDonald House) to rest more comfortably there. Yay! 😍

Corresponding vlog:

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