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Gorgeous Last Day with Penelope's Foster Family

We said goodbye early this morning to everyone in Napo and took a van back to Nanning to catch our train to Guangzhou! Yesterday was such a fun last day with everyone there! We had a large group join us as we toured the countryside near the border of Vietnam and China and there were so many beautiful sights!

For dinner we all had Chinese BBQ which was really good! Though the kids and I mainly stuck with items like skewered chicken and beef, Stephen branched out and ate everything else including duck feet and whole shrimps (including the head and shell.) I can’t describe the feeling as we all sat around laughing and toasting to each other all evening. It was just such a beautiful last day and Penelope’s foster mom stood up at one point and said, “We are all one big family. This is the best day of my life.” 😭 It was such a touching moment and I’m so grateful for the love we all share.

We have about a day left here in China before we fly home and it’s definitely bittersweet. We are ready to be home now but I know especially Penelope has some mixed emotions and of course is sad to say goodbye. Praying for peace for our sweet girl as we start to make our way home. ❤️

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