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Going to Penelope's Hometown!

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind! Two days ago we flew across China from Lincoln's NE province down to Penelope's Southern province of Guangxi. SO proud of the kids for how resilient and patient they’ve been during all of the traveling! It’s not easy to travel with so many people but they’ve done remarkably well.

We stayed one night in Nanning, in the same beautiful hotel that we were in last time when we first met her. So special! The hotel is attached to a very nice mall so the next morning after enjoying the huge breakfast buffet, the girls and I did a little shopping to find something special for Penelope's former foster mom and "aunt." She ended up choosing two necklaces with beautiful little pendants on them and she proudly showed Stephen when we got back. ❤️Then we loaded up the van with our guide and driver and made the trip out to Penelope's rural hometown a few hours away.

The people here are so warm and kind and we have shared several special meals with all of them so far! Penelope has been beaming and so excited to show us all of the things familiar to her.

This morning we toured a beautiful park with her foster mom and foster aunt and this evening we had a huge family dinner. (Her foster mom told our guide today that she feels like we are all one big family now. 😭❤️) Also, the food here in this little town has been the best we’ve had so far in China! Though there has been some very unique items as well... Stephen might have eaten a cricket, wasp and a worm already...

Yesterday we got to walk through an outdoor marketplace and it was such a cool experience! Penelope’s foster mom helped me pick out a traditional baby wrap to carry Lincoln in and he was grinning so big when we put him in! It was actually much more comfortable than a regular sling like I’ve used in the past. Even though he’s getting too big to carry on a normal basis, it was very helpful and comfortable to use as we explored the expansive marketplace outside.

I love getting to see different cultures and ways of life and it’s such a profound reminder of the beauty of diversity! Such an honor to have a glimpse this week of Napo, Guangxi, China.

SO thankful for our time here so far and looking forward to our last few days here!! ❤️

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