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Flying to China!!

We landed this afternoon in Beijing after a 14 hour flight from Texas! The kids were SO GOOD and I couldn’t help but be proud of them when the stewardesses would comment on how well behaved they were. ❤️ Lincoln was really the only one I had been concerned about given how long the flight was but he was such a big boy! We ate lots of snacks, took several long naps and snuggled a bunch. He only cried once for a minute as he fought to stay awake when he was so tired. But thankfully slept the last third of the flight and woke up in a good mood. We decided to stay at the same hotel in central Beijing as last time since we loved it so much and it really was reasonably priced (more than most others in Beijing) especially for the family room, which was two adjoining rooms with a small living room in between. Planning to go to bed early tonight and try to get as much rest before heading out tomorrow for some sightseeing!

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hows it like in china temperature wise seems like a pretty beautiful country

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