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A Special Meal with Penelope's Foster Family

We've been in Penelope's hometown in Guangxi for a few days now and yesterday was such a sweet day for us! We explored the nearby countryside in the morning and had the privilege of meeting some of the farmers and fishermen working in the fields nearby. The kids were fascinated with the crops and learning about their way of life! Napo is such a breathtaking area of China!

In the evening, Stephen and I walked with Penelope to her foster mom’s house to help make a large dinner for everyone. Such a cool experience and the dinner was incredibly meaningful! We met her foster dad for the first time and he raised a toast to us, saying that our families are forever united and we are always welcome in their home.😭 So much joy and laughter that night and it’s so humbling to see the unity that has taken place between our families. God is so good.

We ended the evening going as a big group to sing some karaoke, one of Penelope’s favorite things, and it was such a blast! Loving our time here so much ❤️❤️❤️

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