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First Day in China- Exploring Beijing!

Our first day in China has been such a blast!!

Our guide took us to the Forbidden City first, where we got caught in a surprise rain storm for a few minutes but thankfully it passed pretty quickly. Then we had an incredibly delicious Peking duck lunch. Seriously some of the yummiest food we’ve ever had! I think my favorite part of today was riding in rickshaws around a historic Beijing neighborhood and then we had tea in the Bell Tower nearby. Such a treat!!

This evening we took the kids to see a Kung Fu performance at the Red Theatre and it was so impressive! The kids thought it was so cool and while Lincoln slept through most of it, he woke up during the last 10 minutes of the show and excitedly clapped to the music. It was adorable!

Such a great first day in China!! ❤️❤️

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