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What Can You Bring Into Rocky Point

It's a 65-mile drive from the border to Rocky Point, but it can take about 80 minutes to get there because of the variable speed limits. Be. You are allowed to bring in $75.00 USD per person worth of new merchandise – this does not include your personal items such as clothing, toiletries, etc. If you have new merchandise in excess of $75.00 per person you will need to declare your items and pay the impuestos (taxes) before crossing into Mexico. You may import up to $1,000 USD Rocky Point is so affordable, riding a banana boat is $5 USD, you can get an entire meal for 2 for less than $11 USD, and the lodging can be easily split between people so that you end up only paying about $100 USD per.

What Can You Bring Into Rocky Point - Discount Place

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